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Entelligently powers through CityVerve programme

Entelligently, our energy-optimisation app, is now half-way through the CityVerve programme – the Manchester-based project creating a blueprint for smarter cities worldwide.

smart cities

The story behind the app, which was co-developed by PCSG and KnowNow Information, our prompt for developing it and the significant benefits it can bring to organisations, will be outlined in a new article on the CityVerve blog later this week.

Entelligently joined the CityVerve scheme following a fiercely-contested Open Innovation selection day. Eight companies were chosen to receive help progressing their ideas after showcasing their innovative plans to use Internet of Things technology.

To read the blog and learn more about the project, see: CityVerve

To find out more about how Entelligently can benefit your organisation, contact: